Jiǔ yǎn qiáo – Muse Club

With our confidence high after finally getting somewhat accustomed to Chengdu m-unit and I decided to have a night on the town. We had heard about a club known as Muse from Kenneth – m-units very friendly and very helpful Singaporean hairdresser. So it was settled, we where heading into the city and it was going to be epic!! Kenneth had arranged with the manager of the club to reserve us a table, which is very important if you plan on going out in this part of the world as it seem to be fairly unusual to just stand around drinking.

On our arrival at Muse club we were greeted my Jason, the aforementioned manager, and taken to our table. In true Aussie fashion we thought that we would start the night with some beers…. this did not go down perfectly. We received some odd looks and we where a little confused as to why. Unlike in Australia where it is normal to go into a club and just order yourself a single drink at a time, in China (at least in Chengdu) it seems to be the custom to order for your whole table. A typical order would be something like 12 (room temperature) beers or a bottle of whiskey. As we did not want to look like a bunch of cheapskates we accepted the drink list that was brought out to us. In my opinion however we still would have appeared cheap as we ordered the cheapest thing on the menu. The brand was Ballantines Scotch and the price was RMB780, which was pretty much all the money that we had. The scary thing was that we had no idea whatsoever how much we had ordered, for all we know we only had a single shot coming out which we would have to share. To our great delight 2mins later we saw our waiter returning with a 700ml bottle and a “buttload” of tonic water. We shared a glass with the manager and we were off. We where in heaven!!!

The music was great, the club was packed and the women were beautiful. The biggest problem that we were going to have to face was how to drink all of our alcohol. The answer was of course to share it. So we started on building up some liquid courage so that we could invite some of the locals over for a chat and some free drinks. After half a bottle and some epic stage floor antics we were buzzing! The night was going awesome but we were still missing our new drinking buddies. That was when we decided that we would ask the table next to us over for some drinks. We subtly moved over toward them strutting our moves…. then casually moved back to our table as neither of us had any idea how we where going to communicate what we were after. After about 5mins of this a group of locals noticed our predicament and thankfully took some pitty, inviting us to their table. The group had plenty of Scotch and they all spoke perfect English as they were all studying in New York. This made our night, m-unit chatting up one of the local girls while I was making new friends.

We where also informed on some interesting notes. As I mentioned before, this club was amazing, always busy and full of stunning ladies. M-unit and I were in awe of this and while we knew that Chengdu was famous for its beautiful girls, this was a whole new level. Well it turns out that this might not be a legit as it seemed. In fact we were told that at some of the clubs in this part of the world they actually hire hot young women to make the club more appealing. It definitely works 🙂

I can safely say that if anyone is heading to Chengdu with any interest in the clubbing scene then Muse club will not disappoint. It is loud, vibrant, and full of fun and interesting people. It might be a little expensive but I would say that it is definitely worth the extra money. If you are planning on spending a night here though it probably makes sense to book early as it seems to always be busy and you will definitely want a table unless you are just planning on charming your way into another parties table.

If you are more keen on a slightly more relaxed night our there is also the Dānxíng dào (one way street) pubs. This is basically a one road near the center of the city that it right on the river and is full of pubs. The atmosphere is a little more relaxed, good for drinking cheap beer and playing card/dice games. I will write a full post about this soon.

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