Pig’s Brain & Karaoke

There are few things that I am worse at than singing and there is no food I would never imagine eating more than brains; but tonight I conquered both. The day started like any other, buffet breakfast, struggle getting a taxi to work, lunch at 7-eleven and finished at 6pm. It is what happened after that separated it from the rest. A ‘team building’ activity of karaoke was scheduled and us Suncorpians & Friends were invited to attend.

Whilst j-street and a helpful local went to retrieve special-k from the hotel, dj-marksman and I joined the others to dine at Uncle Lu’s restaurant for dinner. There were many tasty dishes available, but when I heard that pig brain was an option, I found it hard to say no. As they say, when in Rome… It was served in a spicy hot pot (oil) with a side of rice. The soup (?) and vegetables were delicious, the brain however was nothing special. It was very soft, reminding me of tofu, but really lacked any taste or texture.

The next stop was somewhere in the city, on the 3rd floor of a shopping complex was a giant karaoke shop. By giant, I mean the rooms went up to 330, but in fairness I think they took quite a bit of liberty with the numbering system (e.g. starting at 100). We walk into one of the two rooms we had booked to see Nick, our friend belting out a Chinese classic and doing a great job. This already put extra pressure on dj-marksman and I who were feeling a bit apprehensive of the night ahead. Mark had a great strategy of just diving off the deep end and getting started early to remove the hesitation. He sang a great rendition of ‘Hungry Eyes’ which I found especially amusing as coincidentally that is a Nick-name of one of co-workers back home.

Everyone was eager to hear a Suncorpian sing, so j-street and special-k who just arrived, and I decided to sing Poker Face by Lady Gaga. special-k, realising this is an incredibly hard song to pull-off, wisely backed out. We did our best to pull it off, but I fear we didn’t quite make the cut. Not so surprisingly, everyone stopped asking us to sing. Not to be deterred, once a Backstreet boys song started (and copious amounts of alcohol), special-k, j-street and I were singing our heart out again. This snowballed into queuing literally over 5 backstreet boys songs. What was surprising was the locals new all the lyrics to western songs that we had never heard of. These were songs on albums for popular artist, but that no one in Australia ever listened to or even made the top 10.

The highlight of the night was dj-marksman singing (amazingly well) a death metal song, showing a previously unknown side. A close second was the three of us, literally singing at the top of our lungs, to I Don’t Want To Miss Thing, a personal favorite of mine. Runners up were of course my choices; Party Rock [Everyday I’m Shuffling] and Shots by LMFAO. The awesomely fun night ended with everyone getting up and sing dancing along to I’m Sexy & I Know It.

We finally got a taxi home, at $1AUD each. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures with my phone but others did so check back later. Some videos were taken, but hopefully they will be destroyed as I know my singing was beyond terrible. If you haven’t already, check the updated photos for Muse Club and Images From China.

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