Cirque Du Soleil

Before heading to the show, we stopped at one of the bars at Treasure Island hotel. It was free to enter so we sat at the bar. I got a ‘Pain Killer’ as I was still sore from working at the Tobacco Plus Expo that had a mix of alcohol and coconut. It had a pretty chill atmosphere, but then it got pumped. An MC introduced the 4 bartenders that were working the 4 sides of the bar. The one on our side (East Side) was really talented and had some pretty cool tricks. One of these was balancing a cup on his head and mixing a drink (including throwing cherries in). Another was mixing about 8 drinks at once then pouring it into 8 cups on different levels. I got one of those drinks for free as well as a shot poured directly into my mouth.

The only thing Cirque Du Soleil and the Grand Canyon have in common is that I can’t explain them very well. I found a place that sold discounted tickets to Cirque Du Soleil’s Mystere show at a pretty good price. I really wanted to see “O” as I had heard it’s the best one on the strip but it was already sold out. While waiting for the show to begin, a guy with crazy hair was doing some pretty hilarious jokes to unsuspecting visitors as they were walking in. This guy became a recurring interlude when things were changing on the set and helped balance the surrealism and visual overload with some quality humor.

As for the show itself, I don’t think I am artistic or was high on drugs to fully understand exactly what was going on. Luckily you didn’t need to in order to be totally immersed in the experience. I even found certain parts quite moving though I’m not quit sure why. I highly recommend anyone that can get to one of the shows to check it out.

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