This is Part 3 on a series detailing everything you need to get going on your serverless architecture whilst using your existing SQL Server database. View the source on GitHub or checkout Parts 1 & 2 if you haven’t already. Step 6: Handlers We haven’t done anything related to AWS Lambda so no wonder you […]

This is Part 2 in a series describing how to get Microsoft SQL Server and AWS Lambda playing nicely together. You can find Part 1 here. If you already know how to use java SQL to connect to a database, you can skip these steps and move onto Part 3. Otherwise if you work better […]

AWS Lambda is great, but I had many difficulties finding a way to connect into my RDS SQL Server instance. I started with Python and ODBC (both pyodbc and pypyodbc), but ran into so many issues with missing libraries (LD_LIBRARY_PATH of death). I turned to Java, but I think SQL Server and Java are a […]