There are few things that I am worse at than singing and there is no food I would never imagine eating more than brains; but tonight I conquered both. The day started like any other, buffet breakfast, struggle getting a taxi to work, lunch at 7-eleven and finished at 6pm. It is what happened after […]

Time is an interesting thing, too much and you’re bored out of your mind, too little of it and your completely exhausted. My time so far in Chengdu has been roughly broken down into five categories; working, trying to see China, maintaining my business, eating (too much) and sleeping (too little). I can safely say […]

With our confidence high after finally getting somewhat accustomed to Chengdu m-unit and I decided to have a night on the town. We had heard about a club known as Muse from Kenneth – m-units very friendly and very helpful Singaporean hairdresser. So it was settled, we where heading into the city and it was […]

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