The guys at work were kind enough to offer to take j-street and I to the Panda Research Facility in Chengdu. For some of them, it was their first time seeing China’s icon. They pick us up at 9am in a rented van that comes with a free driver! As per usual, there are no […]

As a wise man once said “It is harder to eat the rabbits head then to eat the chickens feet.” Today M-Unit and I decided that because we had already conquered the feet of the chicken – having eaten it in several forms from spicy restaurant made to straight from a vacuum sealed packet that […]

I know that this does not seem like a theme that warrants a blog post. Unless of course that author is a 3 year old child, in which case “Today I Saw a Rock” and “Today I Put my Hand in the Rubbish Bin” would be equally fascinating experiences. But I assure you, being a […]

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