I woke up excited for my bacon and egg breakfast. You can imagine my disappointment when the guys from my Contiki tour absolutely demolished the food before I could get any. Being a bad omen, I should have suspected there was worse to come in the hours ahead. We get on the coach and head […]

I got up at eight, packed my bags, showered and headed to the lobby, a newly formed ritual when we depart a city. We hoped on the coach for a three hour drive until our first stop at an Italian break stop. Determined to get some sleep as we were going to the Electro Disco […]

Monaco is where the rich and famous go to party, the wealthy elite go to avoid tax and the Contikians go to try and be classy. I didn’t wear a tie this time thinking I was comparatively a little overdressed at the Moulin Rouge, just rocking out with my new slacks, black shoes and blue […]

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