We wake up at 6am, quickly get ready and pack and head down stairs to join our group and start our 21 day long Contiki trip. We get on the bus which will become our home for the next 3 weeks. The seats are quite comfy and spacious, with good air conditioning, power points, tv […]

We awake at eight to get our continental breakfast at the hotel. We were warned on the way to France that Parisians classify a single croissant, a coffee and a cigarette as a superb breakfast so I wasn’t expecting much. Instead, our Tour Manager was just managing our expectations (something I should be familiar by […]

We arrive at Heathrow and hop on the ‘tube’. Meanwhile there is a heatwave going through London, the hottest summer on record for 6 years. Colin had been drinking coffee on the plane, trying to stay awake because he was unable to fall asleep. So, not so unexpectedly, Colin wearing plane clothes (jumpers, jeans etc), […]

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