The previous day, three out of ten of T-Rex’s jacket buttons had fallen off. This was frustrating as it was the first day wearing it after purchasing it at Oxford St. I had thrown out the receipt thinking that the chances of needing it in the next 11 days was pretty slim. So we decided […]

T-Rex and I awoke hungry and disoriented. Having accidentally slipped into a micro-comma the night before, food was foremost on our mind. We got ready for the day, T-Rex is addicted to checking the weather, so we were well-informed that this was going to be our first true cold London day. I thought my Pea […]

After a solid 12 hours of sleep to combat our jet lag we headed off to Oxford Street, the shopping hub of London. We had realised early on that Australia in the summer was not compatible with the kind of clothes you need for a London winter. Getting the ‘tube so far has been fairly […]

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