AWS CORS allows your users to upload files directly to an AWS bucket securely. There are many benefits to storing files on S3 rather than on your local web server storage, such as life-cycle management, cost and allowing horizontal scaling. If you already upload users files to S3 then CORS removes the need for your […]

For my extracurricular business I have a test server that I can deploy any changes I make to it and test them in the most production like environment I can muster. As it is hosted on AWS, I can easily create & destroy it so I only pay for when it is being used, not […]

The CTO of Amazon Web Services delivered the keynote speech of the AWS Sydney Summit. I personally thought it was mostly a glorified sales pitch but the parts where representatives from other companies that have migrated to the cloud, like NAB bank, were quite interesting. NAB picked their public facing website, refined their dev-ops process, […]

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