After suiting up and eating bagels for breakfast, it was off to the Las Vegas Convention center via Monorail. I arrive in the building and the first thing that hits me is the smell of tobacco. It’s funny how we are so use to no smoking indoors that when you see and smell it, it […]

Little did I know, but while I was out the night before exploring Las Vegas, the Helicopter Tour company that I had booked, called me three times… So when I awoke the next day at 7 to get the 8 o’clock bus – I was in for a little shock. The meeting point for the […]

The night before we depart LA we check with the shuttle bus company to check what time we need to leave. They tell us that it is 8:30am, so we set an alarm for 8am to sleep in. At about 8:05am we get a call from the van outside saying they are waiting for us. […]

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