Why China?

My work has started a Distributed Agile approach to software development. They have been kind enough to send me to China to work with our partners over there.

What that means for me, is a one month trip to Chengdu, China. My good friend from work, Jason, and another friend from our partnering company, Mark, are both coming with me.

[info_box]  This blog is in reality a joke/procrastination tool to put off packing. However as I know a few people that will be interested in what adventures and mishaps we get up to that don’t have Facebook etc, I will try and keep it updated.  [/info_box]

Chengdu at Night

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Mannan is a software engineering enthusiast and has been madly coding since 2002. When he isn't coding he loves to travel, so you will find both of these topics on this blog.

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