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Mannan is a software engineering enthusiast and has been madly coding since 2002. When he isn't coding he loves to travel, so you will find both of these topics on this blog.

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    • […] Before we got home, we were taking to a silk factory. Much like the jade factory earlier, it is designed to sell you stuff you don’t need, but still educational. After getting back to the hotel, we showered then headed off to weird food street. We ate snakes, scorpions, shark, spiders and more wonderful creatures. You can see some photos at Images From China. […]

    • […] We finally got a taxi home, at $1AUD each. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures with my phone but others did so check back later. Some videos were taken, but hopefully they will be destroyed as I know my singing was beyond terrible. If you haven’t already, check the updated photos for Muse Club and Images From China. […]

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