Chengdu Hot-Pot

The Chengdu Hot-Pot is famous across China for it’s taste and spiciness. When we went with our corporate partners, they went easy on us and order a very mild one by their standards. What an amazing dish! The Sichuan pepper has an anaesthetic effect that makes your lips and tongue numb. The combination of being cooked in a broth of chillis and spices and then drenched in a dressing of garlic, vinegar, salt, spring onion and of course, MSG – is to die for.

What you actually ate varied from your basic bacon and beef to your vegetable alternatives such as lettuce and potato to your more interesting such as duck intestines, lotus root and tripe. Each food amazing brought out it’s own flavour, my favourites, surprising, were vegetables, lettuce stem and lotus root. The lettuce stem seemed to balance the hotness of the spices so that you could taste the more subtle flavours.

The cost wasn’t excessive either, including drinks it worked out to be just under $10 AUD per head, and that is eating so much that you can’t feel your face anymore. When you combine this scrumptious meal, with great company, new found friends and a litre of local beer you create your own master piece – a great evening.

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