The First Half-Day

So some dramas checking-in, mainly it not being pre-paid and us not having enough cash on us to cover the cost. Due to some quick thinking and negotiation skills by j-street and I, we were eventually allowed to check in. I don’t want to dwell on this as the day was genuinely amazing.

Half of the hotel room, you can see the bath, mini-fridge and bed corner.
Hotel Lobby, this doesn't do it justice. It was like walking into a rainforest and not a hotel.

The room is great, I would say the inside is larger than my appartment’s. Free wi-fi (though you need to use a VPN to go on Facebook etc), comfy bed, big tv, strong showers and a bathtub. Once I set j-street up with a secured Internet connection, we went for a walk in what we thought was the direction of our new office. We were actually heading in the complete opposite direction. We also continued having trouble with the currency conversion. The m-unit way was to times by 15 = AUD cents but j-street divided by 7 = AUD dollars. The trouble is that there are decimals, but I thought it was like the Japanese Yen where there isn’t any. So when we saw 15.00 we were thinking that was around $236AUD for a bowl of noodles.

We got invited out by our corporate partners to try a famous Chengdu hot-pot. I don’t want to go into too much detail as I will dedicate lots of posts to food alone, but it was delicious (read about it here). We were all exhausted, running on almost no sleep for over 36 hours. Finally we went and checked out the office that we will be working in and returned home. I had a well deserved scalding hot bath, which felt like heaven.

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