Early start makes Mannan a dull boy

[info_box]Apologies in advance that this is late, as I explain below I was just too exhausted to update the blog.[/info_box]

The day began earlier than most because of an important update from the Australian office. As I was up late the night before catching up on work and writing about the days adventure, I was quite tired. As dj-Marksman later said, it was like the lack of sleep from the plane trip finally caught up with us. So in a half-sleep state, I went down to breakfast which was awesome as per usual.

Breakfast always has something new to try, one of those things was corn. No one can say I don’t eat healthily…
Tried out the sweet selection today, those are the custard tarts you get at Yum-Cha in Australia.

The update from Australia was quite interesting and we got stuck in straight away into work. Seemed like only an hour and it was lunch time. People from our partnering company were kind enough to take us out to lunch at a place not too far away. There wasn’t enough seats for the size of our group, but the waitress asked a table to move onto another to free up enough room. That started a discussion about how that would be such a big ask back home, but here they seemed only to happy to oblige. Lunch was a choose-your-own-adventure where you go up to the kitchen and just choose an unlabeled plate. I was fairly confident that mine was chicken, but then found out we would all be sharing. This is quite a common theme in China, that sharing is everything.

We ended up having about 11 dishes, lots of vegies (all with delicious sauce), tofu (fried and fresh) and various parts of animals. It was great! Not only that, but it ended up being about $4 per person which is borderline ridiculous. After lunch, it was back to the office.

My chicken(?) dish in the fore-front, just a couple of the complete lunch in the background.

Pretty much a normal work day after that except that I lost power twice which was a bit frustrating. Oh, I forgot to say that the building we are working in is still under construction. Here, there are no inefficiencies, so the minute one office is furnished (or half in our case) you just move in and start. Although at first it seems weird, it really just makes sense but we have so many rules and regulations that it would be impossible back home. While talking about construction, the number of new buildings currently under construction could probably equal all the higher rises in Brisbane combined. It is crazy. The hotel is opposite this giant building, which we have no idea what it is.

After work, j-street and I headed back to the hotel to try out the gym. The gym, like everything else at the hotel, is awesome. It makes our work gym back home look more like a shoe closet than it already did. After a quick session, we thought we would check out what the hotel was like at night. The bar is very aesthetically pleasing and the staff are so helpful, it was expensive though. We decided to have the hotel buffet for dinner and it had a very diverse selection of food. I had some rabbit and j-street had some duck feet that was fighting back. This place also had unlimited beer, the beer was a local Sichuan province beer that expires quickly like milk. Needless to say, it was a great end to a great day.

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