Coding Challenge

I have been thinking about an optimal solution for a real-world problem but just haven’t had any time to have a crack at it. A friend at work suggested I should put it up as a challenge and see who is the ultimate programmer. The Problem A manager has allocated Shifts to their Staff for a given week. Can you […]

Great Wall

Great Wall

Before we got to the Great Wall we had to make a stop at the Jade factory. I was quite familiar with these schemes from my Thailand days, the taxi driver drops you off and disappears while you get pressured to buy stuff you don’t need. This wasn’t that bad, actually it was pretty good! We had a lady that […]

Tiananmen Square & Forbidden Palace

Tiananmen Square & Forbidden Palace

Our tour guide picked us up at 7:30am for our full-on day of sightseeing. He was a very nice and knowledgeable man who spoke English fairly well but with a strong accent. We were one of the first to be picked up, an American man was already in the van, then we picked up a friend of dj-marksman and finally […]

Beijing Nightlife

As we are walking to the famous drinking street in Beijing, we walk past an Irish Pub. dj-marksman said, “I know those people” and walked off. We thought he was joking as running into someone you know on the other side of the world in a city of 20 million is quite unlikely. Turns out he wasn’t ‘pulling my leg’ […]

Red Hotel

Once arriving at Beijing and taking the subway to our suburb, we were a bit lost. We knew we had to head North-East, but being big city folk from Brisbane we had no idea where that was. Lucky for us we had an iPhone with the Compass app, I have always made fun of this for being the most useless […]

Take Off & Landing

The Friday before our Beijing trip was our only short day we had at China. Fortunately for us, there were celebrations and drinks in the Brisbane office to commemorate some of our contractors leaving, so not much work was being done back home anyway. Also, as we are one team, just distributed, we purchased drinks and snacks (chicken’s feet etc) […]