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As we are walking to the famous drinking street in Beijing, we walk past an Irish Pub. dj-marksman said, “I know those people” and walked off. We thought he was joking as running into someone you know on the other side of the world in a city of 20 million is quite unlikely. Turns out he wasn’t ‘pulling my leg’ (good saying we missed in our presentation) and they were from the same company. They were really nice and had been in Beijing for 6 months and heading home the same weekend as I was. They gave us some great tips for our trip to the Forbidden Palace and had our drinks shouted for the rest of the night.

We finally headed off to see the nightlife our-self. We were warned by our new found friends that it was very touristy. This was weird for us as Chengdu’s night life is the complete opposite. Turns out Beijing is quite different as every second person was foreign. The place was like Chengdu’s except instead of professionals singing, they had karaoke. They also all had what looked like a fireman’s pole but was actually a strippers pole for amateur stripping. j-street & I was quite disappointed that where we ended up was literally the only bar that didn’t have one, much to the relief of special-k and others.

Beijing was a lot dirtier than Chengdu, we saw quite a few people just going to the toilet on the street, like a mother just taking her child’s pants off and hold him over a sidewalk tree. On drinking street, when they collected your beers at the table, rather than just disposing them, they just put them in the base of the tree along the sidewalk; I guess they were just like bins. When I went to the toilet, I almost through up. Not from drinking too much, but because the urinal was full and overflowing of vomit and feces. I quickly vacated and chose to use the normal hole in the ground toilet next door. I told the people at the table to much disbelief. dj-marksman went and saw the same thing as me, but when the others went it was spotless. They thought this was an elaborate joke, but as we didn’t take any photos (thankfully) of it we couldn’t prove it.

We eventually went home at around 2am for our 7am start the next day.

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