Las Vegas

[info_box] It is half past midnight after working all day and partying all night so please forgive any incoherent ramblings contained below. [/info_box]

The night before we depart LA we check with the shuttle bus company to check what time we need to leave. They tell us that it is 8:30am, so we set an alarm for 8am to sleep in. At about 8:05am we get a call from the van outside saying they are waiting for us. We rush around in a mad panic to get it before it takes off and head to the airport.

So no breakfast for us but the flight to Vegas was only 45 minutes. No wonder people visit all the time if it takes the same time to get there as the Gold Coast! When I was in LA I noticed a Best Buy electronic vending machine, I thought this was the weirdest thing to see at an airport, but then I arrived at Vegas International and the first thing that struck me was there were pokies no further than 5 meters from the terminal!

We get outside and it is every bit as chilly (if not more so) than LA and hop on another Airport Transfer van. We arrive at the strip and the Flamingo and it is every bit and more of the craziness that you could imagine Vegas to be. More on that later. The room is a nice, but old, two x queen bed room with TV, bath and overall, quite spacious. The hotel buffet is awesome with two huge rows of food (including seafood which I wish I ate) and an entire row of deserts with a chef making crepes for you fresh. We paid $30 each for it which includes unlimited drinks, but two days later we found out if you buy a voucher down the road you can get it for $18!

After dinner we head out onto the strip. Words aren’t enough to explain how ridiculous this place is. The decadence and tackiness reach such a level that it starts being awesome. Why would someone build a canal in a mall in a casino in a desert? It doesn’t matter because it is freaking cool! One minute your in a Parisian bakery and the next your in ancient Rome. Then you are in the Bahamas and back to an old western. I could go on for quite a while about what there is to see, but I am exhausted and have to get up early for work tomorrow. For now take a look at the pictures to get a better feel for what it’s like (though I am sure it doesn’t give it justice).

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