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Flying back to LA from Vegas was pretty uneventful. I almost missed the plane though because getting through security took so long. When we landed, one of our suitcases was missing! A similar looking one was unclaimed so our first thought was someone picked ours up by mistake. After about 30 minutes of waiting and wondering, we found out that it never left Nevada as it was detained by Homeland Security! They promised to deliver it to our hotel, the Hilton LAX, by 4pm. The only other thing worth noting was Bobby Brown was at the airport, surrounded by cameras and fans; I had no idea who the guy was.

We get up early, check out, leave our bags at the bell desk and head to Universal Studios. The bus ride only took 35 minutes, so before we knew it we were there. Having visited Disney Land Tokyo only 13 months earlier, I was unsure how it would measure up. Luckily for me it is not your typical theme park. I would best describe it as Movie World but 100x better (I hate Movie World due to it be boring and having a near death experience there). We went on all the attractions; Transformers, The Mummy, Jurassic Park, The Simpson’s, Shrek, King Kong and House of Horrors. For shows we saw, the Special Effect Stage, Blues Brothers, Animal Actors, Water World and the Studio Tour.

My favorite ride was Transformers but not by much. It was just a good mix between a roller-coaster and a movie. The best show would be Animal Actors, though they were all great. It was a lot of fun and took the whole day. Above will be just a few photos, the rest is on Facebook. I took a lot of movies so the video is below.

We got back to the Hilton, grabbed our bags and got a complimentary bus to the airport. After going to the Delta terminal we found out we needed to be at the Virgin one, although no where is that mentioned. Now I am just about to board the plane and fall asleep with an exhaustion. What a trip, it seems like a month but was only a week.

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