European Fails

[info_box] This post will be continually updated to include any fail moments that occur during the tour. [/info_box]

  • We needed an alarm for 8am so Colin sets it on his phone. The alarm goes off so I force myself to wake up. I later check the time and it was 6am! He had left his alarm from the day before on.
  • Wanting to wake up earlier than me, Colin sets his alarm. He however leaves it in my room so I have to wake up anyway.
  • Whilst pouring water into people’s glasses at the Moulin Rouge, Colin poured the water next to my cup, not in, for about 10 seconds before realising.
  • Whilst trying to open a bottle of wine in the hotel without a bottle opener, we used the hotel room key to pry it out. Colin however pushed it all the way down. When pouring the wine, he was pouring it at a 90 degree angle as it was coming out very slowly. However, the cork floated to the top, unleashing a torrent of wine that went all over the floor.
  • There is a continual game on the Tour where if you say the word ‘mine’ you have to drink. Whilst trying to trick people into saying it, I have ended up saying it twice.
  • Whilst handing a camera back to it’s owner on Mount Pilatus, the cord was stuck on my hand the camera fell. Luckily it only fell a few centimetres not 2kms.
  • Colin was attacked by a swan.
  • I said that the story of the Ugly Duckling was a chicken that turned into a swan. I also said September is a good year.
  • We put bottled water in a fridge to keep it cold but forgot about it. We then needed to buy water which cost us $12ish. This in turn turned out to be soda water which we both hate.
  • Whilst dancing Gangnam Style, Colin knocked over a table containing many jugs of beer and glasses, causing a huge pile of destruction. He promptly left the building leaving the mess to be cleaned up by other members of the tour.
  • I have been told to be quiet by two locals, once at the Moulin Rouge and once at the Swiss Mountain hotel, Hotel Himmelrich.
  • Lost 200 Euro at the Monaco Grand Casino.

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