Saint Goar

St. Goar is our first and only true ‘rest stop’ as we make our way from Prague to Amsterdam. So it was a very long drive day with not too much happening. On the coach, I channelled the nap on the cruise and slept in the aisle for about three hours. We then had a rest stop for a bit of good old German schnitzel. On the bus we played ‘Coach Olympics’ to help pass the time which was a bit of fun.

When we arrived at our destination, our first place we headed to Germany’s largest collectible stein shop. They had some pretty interesting items but all were very expensive! The coolest was a stein commemorating the fall of the Berlin Wall, complete with a certified piece of the wall. We then saw the world largest free standing cuckoo clock.

The weather is finally turning from awesome to not so awesome, so we took shelter in a pub. The beers were the strongest by far that took everyone by surprise, not having had eaten for a while didn’t help either. Soon it was time for another river cruise this time on the Rhine river. It was quite nice, but more of the same. After the cruise it was time for dinner at the hotel.

After dinner, we walked down the street to what people described as a ‘rape dungeon’ but was in reality a musty wine cellar. We tried five white wines, start with a Riesling and gradually got sweeter to an ‘Ice Wine’. An Ice Wine is one where they leave 8% of the wines for an extra month, hope that it is minus 7 degrees for 10 days and then press it while frozen. It was delicious but more of a desert wine.

After the wine, it was time for more of the delicious beer and card games. After failing to learn ‘Go Fish’ we played some drinking games. Then I FaceTimed Tanya back home till 1am then to sleep as we make our way to Amsterdamage.

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