Melbourne Long Weekend – Part 1

After work on Thursday we head straight to the Airport, excited about our four day get-a-way to Melbourne. Our first proper going away holiday, we were quite eager. I managed to get through airport security without getting “randomly” selected so I guess Tanya is my good luck airport charm. Filling in some time before our flight, I tried on a fox mask that would have been awesome for my Halloween outfit last year. We got to the hotel (Stamford Plaza) which was awesome, more spacious then my apartment back in Brisbane!

It was Tanya’s 23rd birthday so we got room service and ate breakfast in bed. They managed to screw up the order though so we didn’t quite get what we wanted but it was delicious none the less. That was the only fault we could find with the hotel over the four days, exemplary service otherwise. We went to Flinders Street Station and that is when we first noticed that the seagulls here look really muscular. We hopped on a train to the Melbourne Zoo which was awesome. To quote Tanya, “I was expecting it to be awesome and it was even more awesome”. We saw a lot of different animals, a few for the first time. We hung out in the Butterfly House for a long time as it was the only place to keep warm with comparable Brisbane temperatures.

We then went home to get change and then straight out to birthday dinner reservations at Hell of the North. I put into the Victorian equivalent of Translink “Greeves St” and we hopped on a tram. About 15 minutes into the journey we checked Google Maps and realised we were heading the wrong way! Little did I know, there are at least two Greeves Streets, one in Fitzroy where I wanted to go and the other in St Kilda. I rang the restaurant who seemed very understanding of my Melbourne newbiness and was able to push back our reservation. Man was it worth the wait, the French food was delicious! It was literally up there with the best meals of all time. The desert, a crème brûlée, was literally to die for, like I will kill someone if it means eating more of it.

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