Melbourne Long Weekend – Part 2

The next morning we wanted to check out the local produce so we headed to the Victoria Markets via tram. The food was so plentiful and fresh! We literally spent over thirty minutes trying to find the best place to have breakfast was because we knew we would only have one shot. We settled on a Turkish place which later revealed itself to be a very poor decision. After buying some coconut balls we decided to head to DFO. In Brisbane, if you refer to DFO you mean a shopping centre called DFO, but in Melbourne there are other DFOs then just DFO if that makes any sense. We ended up at a faux-DFO but we didn’t hang around long.

We then went to Federation where we watched a street performer perform whilst other people were busy setting up for “White Night”. They had a camera setup that was projected onto a big screen where we took the obligatory giant selfie. We then went to the Museum of Modern art which was very nice but a bit beyond me. One room looked like they forgot to pick up clothes off the floor but it was actually an exhibit. Some of it was really cool, especially one with these life sized rooms that were created from cake frosting.

After that we walked through some alleys and witnessed some graffiti being created in action. Afterwards we went to the Lindt Chocolate store which was amazeballs (or should I say amazemacaron). We bought some chocolate that isn’t sold in our stores here for later consumption. We went back to the hotel (which we were calling home by this stage) and crashed after a non-stop day. We felt like getting some Asian food at Bourke street, so being the smart people we are, we looked online for a place nearby with good reviews. I called them up and ordered food. When the food was ready we headed out, only to realise the website was for a different store 30 minutes away. Not wanting to travel so far so late and dying of hunger, we had to cancel our already made order and find something else. The city was already getting so busy for White Night, but we managed to find a cool Thai place that sounded tasty. Across the road was an Asian grocer with interesting selection of deserts for us. We ate and crashed ready for the next big day.

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