Melbourne Long Weekend – Part 3

Before long it was already our final full day in Melbourne. The reality was finally sinking in that we would soon have to return back to reality. Not wanting to waste a minute we went straight to St Kilda to checkout what the markets had for offer. It was definitely better than most I had been to, had some interesting wares I could imagine buying. After that we headed to Acland St to check out the clothes, food and cakes that make it so famous. We stopped at a Latin American place, Santa Ana, for some delectable hand made gluten free food. For desert we ate at the oldest cake shop on the street and ordered their most renowned cake. It was very tasty and not heavy, so jealous we don’t have anything like that in Brisbane.

Afterwards we went to Luna Park, we were super psyched about this, expecting it to be absolutely magical. However it was unable to live up to it’s expectations, probably because we are so use to the Theme Parks on the Gold Coast. It was fun though, Tanya even managed to win something at the sideshow alley. All I managed to win was sunburn, which is embarrassing as a Queenslander but I blame my Scottish complexion.

For dinner, we went to Lygon Street to experience authentic Italian cuisine. We order an entrée of meatballs which Tanya thought were unsurpassable. The main was just one pizza to share which was pretty darn spicy! This just made even better though and we demolished it quickly. Soon it was back home for our final night, to cuddle under the warm sheets appreciating the cold and watching a bit of Winter Olympics.

In the morning, it was panic stations in my mind because the coach we had planned to get us back to the airport was fully booked. Like 99% of the things I worry about, it never happened. We actually managed to have an awesome breakfast on one of Melbourne’s many little side-streets bustling with unique cafés. I ordered a swiss cheese & Vegemite crepe which was too good to describe. We found a geek shop, that sold comic books, anime sci-fi and other dorky merchandise which was really cool. Afterwards Tanya got a Nuttela Crepe while I got a Nuttela & Peanut Butter.

What seemed like a long weekend went by so quickly it seems untrue to it’s name. I had an unbelievable time with the best company possible and I loved the place to bits (especially that hotel room and bed). J-Street is going to have a great time there, so many hipsters and paleo people it’s like he will be re-introduced back into his natural environment.

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