London Day Ten – The one as a Mormon

It was another late start on Wednesday and we didn’t find ourselves leaving the hotel until lunchtime. We decided to travel on foot to Oxford Street with a detour through the trendy suburb of Soho. We found so many affordable and cool cafès so close to where we were staying. However as we were combining brekky and lunch, we were longing for a more meaty and heart meal. We found the Soho gardens that were almost 100 years old and look much as they did back then. It was full of benches with commemorative plaque of locals who had passed away. When we arrived at Oxford St we hunted down the nearest Marks and Spencer’s and ordered the largest roast and sweet potatoes chips we could find. There is something soul warming about this food in this climate. Once we felt alive again we headed out to fill some gaps in our wardrobe that we had identified. I got an insanely warm jumper/shirt thing and T-Rex got a scarf, a top and some super warm and cute sheep socks. We also found baggage scales and a packet M&Ms for 50p.

We traced our steps back to the hotel, this time when we walked through the gardens we came across a wild pack of Hari Krishna’s. It was amusing watching them try to convert the local teens, who were clearly not having any of it. We found a nice looking Thai restaurant called Thai Tho on our travels and thought we could give it a try, having been burnt by our latest attempt. We walked up the stairs of the establishment and they just kept going and going. I feel like we have a standard step size in width and height as well as a maximum number of sequential steps. This is no the case in Europe and you can find never-ending staircases with huge steps.

Once we got to the top it felt like Mt Everest and like there, we had a great view. The decor of the place was fancy without being too posh, with a calming and exotic ambience. We sat and order our regular Thai dishes and showed our theatre tickets for a 15% discount. The food was quick to arrive and was extremely flavoursome. Interesting the garlic and pepper chicken was exactly just that, with hardly a vegetable in sight. This was a pleasant surprise as I have always had the dish as a stir-fry back home. We headed to Her Majesty’s Theatre to see The Book of Mormon. Having only heard great recommendations from everyone I had high expectation. This was going to be our third and final show at West End but our first comedy. We both felt like we needed a good laugh and it didn’t disappoint. Again, each show is hard to explain into words but each for different reasons. Essentially it’s a heart warming story about two Mormon’s in their late teens who come in contact with the real world for the first time. I won’t say too much and ruin anything for anyone, as I found out you can get tickets to see it in Australia in 2017! The theatre was different to the other two, it was a lot more compact and three layers all on top of each other. When we exited, we somehow were ejected onto the same street as our hotel. We knew it was close but this was ridiculously good luck. Taking it as a sign that we should head home, we decided to call it a night.

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