Time is an interesting thing, too much and you’re bored out of your mind, too little of it and your completely exhausted. My time so far in Chengdu has been roughly broken down into five categories; working, trying to see China, maintaining my business, eating (too much) and sleeping (too little). I can safely say that I think I am the busiest I have ever been.

The first clue that I was slipping was nearly forgetting my sister birthday (sorry Sis!) but just made it thanks to the time difference. To make matters worse, in the first week I had gotten some weird foot rash after the massage, it eventually went away, but as a hot tip; just stick to a normal massage. Throw in for good measure, some pretty big nights on the town, then coming back to the hotel to spend a few hours to fix production defects. And not to be underestimated, the drain in trying to communicate anything, such as getting a taxi, ordering dinner, another glass of Coke or even saying hello. So I think I finally reached burn out point this weekend when I started battling my first minor case of food poisoning.

So today I went off the grid, j-street and special-k went on their own adventure and I did nothing. This was especially convenient as I have no money, my credit card is still frozen by the hotel. I lie when I say I have no money, I have 23 RMB which is approximately $3.5. Family, if you are reading this don’t freak out, I have my bank card I can use if needed. I am feeling a bit more recharged and excited about the adventures ahead. I will try and keep this updated like I did the first week and include more photos like the one below.

j-street & m-unit enjoying a cold one.

6 Responses to Burn Out

  1. Frognelle onJun 25, 2012

    Food poisoning?!?! I hope you’re ok! If you think getting a taxi is hard, imagine what going to the doctors will be like! No worries about the birthday msg either m-unit; I had a great week (yes, b’day week) and I’m going to make you a pressie with what Frog got me! Try to rest up, kidnappers prey on the weary!

    • m-unit onJun 26, 2012

      Glad you had a fun week! A week long birthday would be called something like “super extraneous party birth anniversary festivaling” here.

  2. sanj onJun 25, 2012

    I hope you did get a “foot” massage and that the rash is on your “foot” 😉

    • t-dawg onJun 26, 2012

      Hahaha Sanj! Didn’t notice this comment before now 😀

  3. MUM onJun 26, 2012

    Oh no, take care of yourself!! Hope the money comes through soon…xx

    • m-unit onJun 26, 2012

      The money came through Monday afternoon so it’s all good!
      I am feeling quite rested now, ready to live through some more exciting stories.

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