AWS Sydney Summit

The CTO of Amazon Web Services delivered the keynote speech of the AWS Sydney Summit. I personally thought it was mostly a glorified sales pitch but the parts where representatives from other companies that have migrated to the cloud, like NAB bank, were quite interesting. NAB picked their public facing website, refined their dev-ops process, extensive performance and resilience testing […]

AWS S3 Command Line Bucket File Upload in C#

I generate full-size backups of my database every night, but they just collect dust on my production server taking up space. Not only that, but if I lost the server, the backups would be gone to, so I wanted to investigate some options. I have recently moved my servers and database to Amazon Web Services and really enjoying the value […]

Coding Challenge

I have been thinking about an optimal solution for a real-world problem but just haven’t had any time to have a crack at it. A friend at work suggested I should put it up as a challenge and see who is the ultimate programmer. The Problem A manager has allocated Shifts to their Staff for a given week. Can you […]