Once arriving at Beijing and taking the subway to our suburb, we were a bit lost. We knew we had to head North-East, but being big city folk from Brisbane we had no idea where that was. Lucky for us we had an iPhone with the Compass app, I have always made fun of this for being the most useless app of all time but I have to take that back now. We navigated ourselves there relatively painless, only to be confronted with the seediest hotel I have ever seen. It was situated between a ‘massage’ parlor and a 24 hour sex shop. Walking inside you get wet from the dripping air-conditioners that are just bolted on to the side of the building.

We get inside and pay for the room, which is $50 a night between two people so at least it was dirt cheap! We get given room keys and I am using the definition of a key very loosely. You could even call them room cards, as they didn’t open the door at all. You had to get someone from the lobby to send someone up to open your door which was very inconvenient. We had to put a $30 deposit down encase we took anything from the room. Our options from the ‘mini-bar’ where some room temperature beverages. The bathroom had 3 complementary condoms or if you preferred, you could buy additional ones or even toilet seat covers etc.

Before heading out to see Beijing’s nightlife, we wanted to charge our phones. Unfortunately the Australian styled power points were just decoration and had solid wall behind it. Luckily we found one that had been half installed so we had to use the water cooler to jam our charger into the socket. Good thinking dj-marksman! The greatest thing about the place was it’s location, very close to the bars and subway, and on the airport line! Special shout out to special-k who organised the whole trip.

Massage ‘Museum’

More photos coming.

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