After suiting up and eating bagels for breakfast, it was off to the Las Vegas Convention center via Monorail. I arrive in the building and the first thing that hits me is the smell of tobacco. It’s funny how we are so use to no smoking indoors that when you see and smell it, it shocks the system. We head over to the stand that everyone so kindly setup the day before while I was out exploring the Grand Canyon.

I was originally meant to be sourcing distributors for a luggage alarm and watches, but due to stock not arriving, it was a hard sell. Luckily, we had the Ezi-Loader and Evo pipes with us and, as it was a tobacco expo, was much easier to generate interest and sell. I didn’t get to walk around and see the other stalls until the end of the first day. There was some crazy stuff but most of it was tobacco brands, cigars, hookahs, lighters and ‘alternate’ smoking products. The crazy stuff was generally just energy drinks or anything else that is semi-related to night life or the seedy underground. There were even a few stalls that had an open bar available! By the end of it I was pretty exhausted, the first day I worked straight 11-6 without any break, the second day I went and got lunch for 30 minutes.

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